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Water Lily 2017 05 – Pike’s Nursery, Charlotte, North Carolina, June 4, 2017, an iPhone Photograph

People world-wide fall out
along a continuum
of Mindfulness/Wakefulness/Maturation,
and tend to gather in groups
that reflect the degree
of Mindfulness/Wakefulness/Maturation
of each person in the group.
We are comfortable with people
who talk/think/act like we do–
and are uncomfortable with people
who are too much ahead of us,
or behind us,
on the Mindfulness/Wakefulness/Maturation scale.
Rural, small town, USA
has its place on the scale,
and urban, up town, USA
has its pace on the scale–
and they are not the same place.
I would be interested to see
how people fall out
in terms of their interests,
sports loves,
education level,
religious preference, etc.
And, I would be interested to know
how we might increase the level
of Mindfulness/Wakefulness/Maturation
on national and international levels.
Watching Jon Kabat-Zinn videos
and practicing Mindfulness Meditation
wouldn’t hurt

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